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  1. The Boston Massacre was a rallying point by patriots for independence. and the real cause for this historic unfortunate incident was the enactment of Townsend Acts which heavily taxed everyday imported items like glass, paper and tea in the colonies. This new law was passed by British in order to garner more revenue to its depleting fund . The fact was that Great Britain had spent huge sums of money waging the French and Indian War (1754-1763) in North America to gain control of more land. At the same time the British were fighting the related Seven Years’ War in Europe. When newly imposed taxes caused unrest among the colonists, in 1768 Great Britain sent troops to Boston to maintain control and protect the tax collectors . There was one British soldier in Boston for every four residents. Boston was an occupied city and tensions were high between soldiers and residents. There were frequent riots.  This ultimately lead to a fight between a youth  and a soldier in front of Custom House . A crowed of 400 men gathered and shots were fired by soldiers to stop them from bruning the buildings. There were spot deaths of colonist .

    After this the British repealed the Townsend Acts in April 1770 except for the tax on tea and removed soldiers from Boston area. The officer in charge and nine soldiers were brought to trial about eight months later. Two soldiers were found guilty of manslaughter and all the others were acquitted. Boston remained quiet for several years.

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