What percentage of the human body is water?


What percentage of the human body is water?

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  1. By weight, the average human adult male is approximately 65% water. However, there can be considerable variation in body water percentage based on a number of factors like age, health, weight, and gender. In a large study of adults of all ages and both sexes, the adult human body averaged 65% water. However, this varied substantially by age, sex, and adiposity (amount of fat in body composition). The figure for water fraction by weight in this sample was found to be 48 ±6% for females and 58 ±8% water for males.
    The body water constitutes as much as 73% of the body weight of a newborn infant, whereas some obese people are as little as 45% water by weight.. These figures are statistical averages, and so like all biostatistics, the estimation of body water will vary with factors such as type of population, age of people sampled, number of people sampled, and methodology. So there is not, and cannot be, a figure that is exactly the same for all people, for this or any other physiological measure.

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