What is the specialty of Perito Moreno glacier?


What is the specialty of Perito Moreno glacier?

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  1. Apart from being an important tourist attraction, it is the most important glacier located in the Los Glaciers National Park, Argentina. It is one of the three glaciers (Patagonian) which keep growing. The total ice depth is about 170 mts. and pressure from the wight of the ice pushes the glacier towards the southern end of Argentino Lake. This causes a dam of water to be formed. The pressure caused by the height of the dammed water affects the ice barrier causing it to rupture. The occurrence of this spectacular event varies from once a year to once a decade. Watch the rupture that took place recently in March 2016. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws2sI71v-fk[/embed]

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