What is the resolution of human eye?


How much do you know about these interesting organs?

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  1. The most beautiful camera in the world is the human eye. No other camera- irrespective of the resolution and other outstanding features can produce as beautiful photographic images as the human eye. Like a camera, eyes have a lens and the pupil is analogous to the aperture. The iris of the eyes serves as the aperture stop. Your latest camera may have a resolution of as much as 8 megapixels.

    One difference between a camera and an eye is that unlike a camera the eye is a video stream. It moves rapidly and keeps updating the images and adding details. Whatever signals both our eyes send are processed by the brain to increase the image resolution further. Our eyes keep moving around to gather information and images and the signals are continuously sent to the brain in a continuous stream. Therefore, a well-assembled high-resolution image gets produced thanks to the innumerable photoreceptors in the retina.

    The human eye resolution is 576 megapixels! However, it is only 7 megapixels that actually matter.

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