What is the origin of the word ‘gymnasium’?


What is the origin of the word ‘gymnasium’?

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  1. Gymnasium originates from the Greek word ‘gymnazein’. ‘Gymnos’ in Greek meant naked and ‘gymnazein’ meant ‘to exercise naked’. The athletes in the previous times competed naked as it increased the aesthetic sense of the body. It helped the audience admire the beauty of the male body line and was also considered as a tribute to the Gods. They were under the protection of Heracles, Hermes and Theseus.

    Moreover, naked training helped the trainers observe the body and the muscle groups working the way it is intended to. A wrong practice could be easily seen. Historically, gymnasiums were used for exercising, bathing, intellectual discussions, scholarly pursuits and philosophical pursuits. Another part of the gymnasium was the palestrae or the wrestling school. This part was devoted to boxing, wrestling, ball games and other sports activities.

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