What is an Octothorpe?


What is the real name of the (#) hashtag?

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  1. Today’s popular hashtag symbol (#) is called ‘octothorpe’. It is used as a number sign mainly in Canada and the US. In the recent few years, it has found its popularity as the ‘hashtag’ on social media networks. Literally, you break down this word into two parts:

    · Octo- stands for eight

    · Thorpe- stands for a hamlet

    Together put it means eight fields around a square. In cartography, it finds its place as a symbol for the village.

    Often this symbol is confused with the musical symbol for sharp (♯). Although both the symbols have two pairs of parallel lines, the difference is as follows:

    · Number sign has two horizontal strokes that are straight

    · Sharp has the two lines slanting rising from left to right

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