Shane Fenton became famous as who?


Shane Fenton became famous as who?

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  1. Shane Fenton became famous as Alvin Stardust

    As per Wikipedia “Bernard William Jewry (27 September 1942 – 23 October 2014), known professionally as Shane Fenton and later as Alvin Stardust, was an English rock singer and stage actor. Performing first as Shane Fenton in the 1960s, Jewry had a moderately successful career in the pre-Beatles era, hitting the UK top 40 with four singles in 1961–62. However, he became better known for singles released in the 1970s and 1980s as Alvin Stardust, a character he began in the glam rock era, with hits including the UK Singles Chart-topper “Jealous Mind”, as well as later hits such as “Pretend” and “I Feel Like Buddy Holly”.”

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