How to save from dehydration?


How to save from dehydration?

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  1. Often, people suffer from dehydration without them realizing it. Does your heel hurt often when you run? Do you constantly have chapped lips? Do you feel depressed and irritated often? These are not signs of stress, but that of dehydration. The best remedy is to keep sipping in water every fifteen minutes or better still the moment you feel your lips are going dry.
    If you are suffering from an acute bout of food poisoning or some such ailment wherein you throw up even the water you drink, then you must stick to fruits, warm water and lemon juice. You are likely to throw up a few times, yet continue having the frutis and sipping in lemon juice to give your body the strength to bounce back to normal.

    Watch the video on “Don’t Ignore These Early Symptoms of Dehydration”

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