How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?


How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

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  1. Any person who wishes to find out how much hair loss is normal will certainly not get a precise answer due to the fact that no human’s hair cycle is exactly similar as everyone else’s but shedding between fifty to one-hundred hairs each day is regarded as normal. But if you excessively brush your hair or enthusiastically massage your scalp too much while taking a bath, a great deal of hair will fall out.

    A person has somewhere around 110,000 hair strands if he or she has brown coloured hair, 140,000 hair strands if blond, 108,000 hair strands if black and 90,000 hair strands if the colour is red. So shedding 50 to 100 hairs every day in the course of random hair rotation on the scalp is not a big deal.

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