Australian Clement Wragge instituted what?


Australian Clement Wragge instituted what?

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  1. Australian Clement Wragge instituted Naming Hurricanes

    Clement Lindley Wragge (1852-1922), meteorologist, was born on 18 September 1852 at Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England, only child of Clement Ingleby Wragge, solicitor, and his wife Anna Maria, née Downing. Orphaned in early childhood, Clement was educated at Uttoxeter Grammar School, Staffordshire, and articled to a London solicitor. He went to sea, visited Sydney and in 1876 joined the South Australian surveyor-general’s department. Wragge studied meteorology and in 1878 returned to Britain where he established weather observation stations, including one on Ben Nevis, Scotland, for which he received the gold medal of the Scottish Meteorological Society. Back in South Australia he set up similar stations at Walkerville and Mount Lofty in 1884, and founded the Meteorological Society of Australasia in 1886.

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