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Profit & Loss Math Trick-Part 1

The problems of profit and loss is universally taught in classes above VIII , and above .In fact the  problems of profit and loss are given to students during entrance exams of top management schools . The maths are useful for  general day to day life. For example a traders who may not be educated a lot on maths function, will have to compute his profit or loss on a trade.

Profit & Loss Math Trick -Part 1

So , you are asked to solve following problem

A trader buys 8 oranges for Rs 1o and sells 9 Oranges for Rs 11. What is gain or loss in percentage?

Solution :

Steps 1  : Buy 8 Oranges  for RS 10

Step 2:   Sells 9 Oranges for Rs 11

Step 3 :  8  x 11 – 10x 9 [ Mark the cross relationship]

10 x 11

Step 4:  88-90/110 = (-) 2/110

Answer is Loss  of 0.018 %

The second example is given below .Just see the image below slowly and give attentions to the arrows down below to understand the relation ship between various data of a problem , once you under stand , you can quickly solve the 5 problems given below , without even using the pen or paper.


Now take your test on following two questions . Do not use the pen or paper , if you really think you are fast and has understood the problem

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