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Political History Quizzes on Ancient Period : 10 MCQs

The following section consist of political history quizzes on ancient period.Take the quiz and check how much you can score. In ancient history, people did not have definite boundaries as states have today, and also their boundaries could be much more accurately described as frontiers. Early dynastic Sumer, and early dynastic Egypt were the first human beings to specify their boundaries. In addition, for the past 200,000 years and up to the twentieth century, many people have actually resided in non-state societies. These range from fairly egalitarian bands as well as people to complex as well as very stratified chiefdoms. The first states of sorts were those of early dynastic Sumer and also very early dynastic Egypt, which emerged from the Uruk duration and also Predynastic Egypt respectively at about 3000BCE. Early dynastic Egypt was based around the Nile River in the north-east of Africa, the kingdom’s borders being based around the Nile as well as stretching to locations where oases existed.Early dynastic Sumer lay in southerly Mesopotamia with its borders extending from the Persian Gulf to parts of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Click here for MCQs on Indian History

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