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Political History on Ancient Period of India Quiz : 20 Quick Questions

The following section consist of Political history on ancient period of India. Take the quiz and improve your overall knowledge. Persia held dominance in north India up until the occupation of Alexander the Great in 327 BCE. One year later, Alexander had beat the Achaemenid Empire and also strongly dominated the Indian subcontinent. Again, foreign impacts were brought to bear on the area triggering the Greco-Buddhist society which impacted all locations of society in north India from art to religious beliefs to dress. Statuaries as well as remedies for this duration portray Buddha, and other figures, as definitely Hellenic in outfit and also pose (known as the Gandhara School of Art). Adhering to Alexander’s separation from India, the Maurya Empire (322-185 BCE) rose under the power of Chandragupta Maurya (322-298) until, by the end of the third century BCE, it subjugated almost all of north India.

Chandragupta’s son, Bindusara ruled between 298-272 BCE as well as extended the empire throughout the whole of India. His boy was Ashoka the Great (lived 304-232, ruled 269-232 BCE) under whose rule the empire thrived at its height. 8 years right into his reign, Ashoka conquered the eastern city-state of Kalinga which caused a death toll numbering over 100,000. Surprised at the devastation and fatality, Ashoka accepted the mentors of the Buddha as well as started an organized programme supporting Buddhist believed and also principles. He developed lots of abbeys and offered lavishly to Buddhist areas. His ardent assistance of Buddhist worths eventually created a stress on the federal government both financially as well as politically as also his grandson, Sampadi, beneficiary to the throne, opposed his plans. By the end of Ashoka’s reign the federal government treasury was seriously diminished with his regular religious contributions and also, after his fatality, the realm declined quickly. Click here for History quiz on Kanishka and Ashoka

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