Life is an Exam !

Math Tricks : Fastest Way to Multiply by 15

Saving time in calculation is great help to any body. Apart from the increase in self confidence , it also provides more time for other time consuming calculations which are required for tough maths problems. Every exam today require you…

Biosphere : Test Your Knowledge through 10 Quizzes

General Knowledge on biosphere is important for exams. So , a quick simple 10 quizzes on biosphere for readers. The biosphere is all about life and generally  describe our living world on earth and extends to the upper areas of the …

Ravi Shankar Life Through 10 Questions !

Life of Pandit Ravi shankar  is full of colours, honours, achievements and glory. Modern day  youth may not be knowing about the great achievement a boy who had to bear with the poverty when his father left his mother and proceeded to…

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