Life is an Exam !

Synthetic Fibers : Ten Fast Quizzes

Synthetic fibers  is a natural fiber obtained from the cotton plant .Synthetic fibers are made through a number of processes using  petrochemicals. A polymer is made up of many repeating units called monomers.Synthetic fibers also known as …

Summer: 10 Facts

Summer is mostly a trip to the beach, vacationing at a colder place or sometimes, even curling up at home and becoming ‘couch potato’. It is the hottest of all the temperate seasons and occurs at different times throughout the world. While…

Quiz on Physiology of Behaviour : 10 MCQs

Physiology and Psychology are two integrated part. Behavior of the organism is mostly directed by his or her physiological mechanisms. The role of central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and automatic nervous system in relation…

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