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One More Word Power Test Set

english-word-powerMore words knowledge, better your communication -both the oral and written. That is the reason whether you are sitting for government jobs or for entrance tests for elite management schools, you are tested for your knowledge of words. The third word power  test sets for increasing vocabulary was already for you a few weeks ago. Now here is the fourth one. Better  word knowledge  is an enthralling life long journey. New  words should to be collected, tasted, tried and tested , so that your speech and  writing  improve.The more choices you have in your vocabulary, the more likely you will communicate with clarity. Your language choices will have subtlety and depth, conveying more precisely and efficiently what it is you want to say.

One More Word Power Test Set

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Comments ( 17 )

  1. Im looking on what is the influence of the new developed words to all young people? need your opinion?

    March 7, 2012 at 8:30 PM

    My brother wanted me to see if power in ancient greek is better and easier to say then energy. Also if you can, tell me the ancient greek word for “chi” if it has a word.

  3. Does it bother you when people use the word “very”? To me, using “very” just cheapens the word following it. If you say “very hot” why can’t you just say “hot”? Hot is HOT. Like just being hot is not good enough it has to be very hot?

    You don’t only have to use hot, you can have any word following it, it just seems to me that words are loosing their powers with this stupid lead in to the real word.

  4. hey,
    i was wondering if there is a Latin root word for the word power, or ruler, or authority?

  5. I created a time-line with individual lines dates and text boxes that I would like to copy and place on a power point slide but Word 2007 is only letting me select each individual item on the timeline. Is there any easy way to select the entire page, rather than ctrl click for each item?

  6. i am not fluent in English, why because i am having lock of verbal skills so i would like to improve my vocabulary skills. But i want to learn wast range of vocabulary with in the short time it is possible but i don’t know the ways please suggest me the tips and tricks to improve my word power and analyzing the meaning of the word. Any web sites are help full to me. I am awaiting for your Answers Keenly

  7. Beautifully Twisted
    April 26, 2012 at 1:09 PM

    I mean are the definitions of the words detailed with proper usage explanation as given in the last portion of “Word Power Made Easy” by the same author?
    Please answer only if you are well acquainted with both books. Thanks in advance !!

  8. laura tomazelli
    May 24, 2012 at 9:55 PM

    I have my first word power test pretty soon, and im guessing the tests are probably closley related for everyone who takes them. I dont need definitions, all i need to know are which words WILL BE ON the First word power test. Or could you tell me what you were tested on? Just to give me a brief general idea? Thanks!

  9. what language does the female word for power as in powerful look better written?

    thank you!

  10. Kathy Contreras
    July 2, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    hi i want to improve my word power.

  11. LittleSallyWalker
    July 5, 2012 at 4:14 PM

    For school, I have 2 projects. I started them both at school, one is on word and one is on power point. My dad has mac and when I saved it to a usb and tried to open it up on my dad’s mac, and it wouldn’t open. And I re did it on my dads mac and tried to open it on one of the school’s computer and the same problem happens. Is there a way to open it or do I have to have a pc word or power point?

  12. How to increase my word power? Thanks.

  13. Everyone has heard about those word-power CDs or books. I am not talking about learning a language, but those sets for natives of a language, to make them increase their vocabulary with more “high-brow” types of words…
    I am looking for the French language. Thanks

  14. I wan’t to install unbunta on my laptop without deleting, Microsoft word, power point, CS5 and other stuff. I no there is a part on the permanent installing where you measure how much memory goes to each operating system. Has that got something to do with it.

  15. Im writing a thesis for an1984 and Oryx and Crake comparison essay. In 1984 the power is held by a clear authoiritative government, but in Oryx and Crake it is subtly held by corporate power.
    My thesis so far is “When those in control whether it be transparent authority or (WHAT WORD) power control society too closely without adequate freedom, soceity will rebell instead of conform.”

  16. How to create a cheap and creative business cards with little spending time?
    I only have a MS word, power point, and GIMP 2, 6, 8. Can I use any one of this software to create simple cookies business cards and print it from home printer.

    Please help with detail following steps. Thanks

  17. my computer skills include:

    Microsoft Office Excel, Publisher, Word, Power Point, Windows, Linux, Open Office, and well versed Internet Skills on both Firefox and Internet Explorer, Profit Manager, basic C++

    I have grown up on computers and am very very good on them but I am having trouble figuring out how to say that on a resume with out being to wordy.

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