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Nuclear Suppliers Group: 10 Question Facts

Nuclear Suppliers Group or NSG has gained spotlight following Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to a host of nations including US, Mexico, Switzerland, etc. What is the Nuclear Suppliers Group? It is a nothing but a body formed by nuclear supplier countries like US, UK, Japan, Germany, Argentina, Italy, etc. This group ensures that the nuclear power is not misused or the raw material is not supplied for misuse to any country in the world. In other words, it keeps the use of nuclear power in check. They have a set of guidelines called ‘Non- Proliferation Principles’ that must be adhered to.

India is not a member of the NSG and is seeking to be a part of the elite group. For this, she needs the backing of NSG members. While the entry in to the group is doubtful, it has lifted the 16-year old ban on nuclear sales to India. In this quiz, you shall learn about the Nuclear Suppliers Group and India’s membership in to the same.

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