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Natural Vegetation and Wildlife of India Quiz : 10 Quick Questions

Natural vegetation and wildlife exist only in the narrow area of call between the lithosphere, hydrosphere and also environment that we call bio ball. In the biosphere living beings are inter-related as well as interdependent on each other for survival. This life support group is known as the ecosystem. Greenery as well as wild animals are beneficial sources. Plants supply us with hardwood, give shelter to animals, produce oxygen we breathe, protects soils so necessary for growing plants, act as sanctuary belts, assistance in storage space of below ground water, offer us fruits, nuts, latex, turpentine oil, gum tissue, medicinal plants as well as the paper that is so important for our research studies. There are countless uses plants and also you could add some much more.

Wildlife consists of animals, birds, pests along with the aquatic life forms. They provide us milk, meat, hides and also woollen. Bugs like provide us honey, help in pollination of blossoms and have a crucial function to play as decomposers in the ecosystem. The birds feed upon insects as well as work as decomposers also. Marauder because of its ability to prey on dead livestock is a scavenger as well as considered a vital cleanser of the environment. So animals large or tiny, all are indispensable to preserving balance in the environment. Click here for Quizzes on Agriculture Sector in India

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