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Mughal Empire Quiz in 10 Easy Objective Type Questions

Babur founded  The Mughal dynasty by defeating  Ibrahim Shah Lodhi, the ruler of Delhi, at the First Battle of Panipat in 1526. The greatest portions of Mughal expansion was accomplished during the reign of Akbar (1556– 1605). The empire was maintained as the dominant force of the present-day Indian subcontinent for a hundred years further by his successors Jahangir, Shah Jahan, and Aurangzeb. The first six emperors, who enjoyed power both de jure and de facto, are usually referred to by just one name, a title adopted upon his accession by each emperor.

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  1. Nice quiz bro.

  2. No This is Patrick
    March 9, 2012 at 4:26 PM

    This Question is taken from Mughal Emperor, ‘Babur’

  3. Causes: Why did it take place?
    Was it for power, religion, etc

    The Third Battle of Panipat took place in 1761.

  4. hey guys this for a project for school so ans the best you can

  5. When did the Second Battle of Panipat took place ?

  6. in cricket what is
    2-donkey drops
    3-manked -ed{test matches}

  7. In the year 1761 there was a war happened between maratha’s and Afghan warrior ahemadshah this war Maratha EMPIRE lost most of there sardars including peshwa chief vishwasrao and sadabhau. what was reason behind the loss of maratha’s while they was having more than abdali’s soldgers

  8. When did the First Battle of Panipat took place ?

  9. why European styled Maratha army defeated in battle of panipat

  10. what would have been the course of indian history if babur had been defeated in the battle? i have a project submission and have to write a detailed answer to this question.. can’t find anything on the net so i wanted people’s views… please help!! 🙂

  11. Mine

    1. Battle of Thermopylae
    2. Battle of Watling Street
    3. Battle of Stalingrad

    What are your opinions?
    When I mean greatest I mean.
    Most Heroic and toughest battles for the soldiers.

  12. The above said diamond is a property of India. We should try to get back that priceless piece as we are not holding any such thing belonging to other countries.

  13. Well it will meet its destiny on its own
    And to add the origins it was found in S. India

  14. please, please, please, help. i have no idea what to write for this.

  15. 1) Invasion of Mohammed-bin-Qasim on Sind.
    2) Signing of Magna Carta.
    3) First Battle of Panipat.
    4) Glorious Revolution.

  16. […] to the 18th century in some meanings, however lots of finish the duration with the beginning of the Mughal Empire in 1526. It lasted from 8th century AD to 18th century […]

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