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MOA & AOA Alteration – Quiz to test Yourself


When a Company starts its business, it has to draft and frame the basic documents of the company namely, Memorandum Of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA). These are the first and basic documents.

MOA also known as the memorandum is the Charter or Constitution of the company. It contains all the details of the company like the name, location, capital etc. Whereas, AOA are the by-laws for the efficient and effective internal management of the company.

Business can not be carried in vaccum. It is carried out in our environment. Environment always keeps on changing, its never static. So, for keeping pace with the changing environment one has to keep changing itself with respect to the environment. So the need to alter the AOA and MOA arises. There are specified procedures, rules and regulations for the alteration of AOA & MOA. A company needs to comply with these norms.

Here is a quiz on the alteration of AOA and MOA. Take the quiz and check your understanding of these procedures of alteration of AOA & MOA.

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