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Math Trick to Know Square of Number Near 10 or 100 or 1000 easily !

Mental maths tricks are really useful for students and even fun for everyone in his /her  day to day life.If you required to find out square of any number which is near 10 or 100 or 1000 or even 10000 , you can compute the result just mentally. This math trick will save you a lot of time and energy and spare your time for bigger calculation. People will also be amazed by your fast computing skill

Here is Math Trick 

Say number is 120 and you want to find out 120² i.e 120 x 120 

Since 120 is nere 100 , you should do following compuataion mentally

(120+20)x(120-20) +20²

(140 x100)+400

Answer is 14400

Here are two more example of this Math Trick


Second Example of same Math Trick



Comments ( 15 )

  1. My daughter is going into 6th grade and she is not good at multiplication. Do you know of any good math tricks so she can be good at multiplication when she goes into middle school. She has problems in the 7-8-9-12 math times tables. Or can you give me a good website for math tricks.

  2. as long as its over like a 4th grade level im 17 and i could use any and all math tips tricks plz lol. (i suck at math).

  3. Like the hockey stick rule (or sticks and stones), do you guys know any? I need it for

  4. I was just wondering if people new any tricks.

    I know the squaring numbers ending in 5 trick. Like 35^2
    You take the tens diget and multiply it by 1 plus that digit and add 25 to the end so 35^2 is 3*(3+1)=12 and put 25 at the end so it’s 1225

  5. My Sister is in 4th grade and she is failing math! I really want to help her but she needs some tricks to understanding Multiplication and Divison. She isnt very good at grasping things and so she needs some little tricks and hints that can help her memorize stuff. If you guys have anything, anything at all let me know cause all i want for her is the best and to have a good education. THANK YOU ALL!!

  6. I recently learned about a trick that allows me to multiply numbers 11 – 19 completely mentally. It is fantastic. So much so that I was wondering if there were any other great tricks like that one that I can use to progress in math. My math grades are good, so that’s not the issue, but any mental math tips would be welcomed.

  7. I’m thinking of those kinds that you figure out what number a person is thinking, but any kind of math trick would be great! thanks

  8. Anyone know any like the hockey stick rule (or sticks and stones), or anything else that will
    prove useful in AIME, AMC, USAMO, ARML? Thanks a lot!
    could you please elaborate on that?

  9. math tricks

  10. Whats a good site that has cool math tricks??? My teacher showed me something cool today and I am now addicted to finding cool math tricks!

  11. some tricks that we don’t ?

    e.g. squares, square roots of large numbers, multiplication etc. …

  12. Such as when you add the two last digits of the year you were born and the age you will be this year will add up to 111? Any other tricks or etc like these?

  13. You know the ones where you multiply, divide, add, and subtract and at the end you get a number thats always going to be that number?

  14. My friend and I are teaching ourselves French and we’re having trouble relating the Bonne to something easy to remember, kind of like those math tricks? If anyone has any suggestions to relate Bonne to it would help. kind of like Bonnet or Bunny, those kinds of things.

  15. please tell me. It is a trick where my teacher told us to solve for a remainder of a certain 3-digit number and when we already did, she asked us and by just looking at it, she could easily tell us what the remainder is. What is this math trick? I tried to search but it seems I can’t find. anyone help? I need to know. thatnks!!!!

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