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Math Magic: Easiest & Fastest Way to Multiply & Divide by 5

Most of the exams and test for higher level service or engineering test or management tests require mathematical skills. That include skill to do fast solution to elementary math . The timing is crucial in these exams. So , if you know the fastest way to multiply or divide , it saves you plenty of time. Today, fastest way to multiply and divided by 5 is taught. It will take minutes to understand the math trick , but after that you will not need even pen and paper for multiplication by five or didvidion by five.

Math Magic: Division by 5

Suppose you need to divide 1256  by  5 . 

Trick : Multiply  by 2 , and place a decimal before unit digit

In this case , multiplication with 2 gives result of  2512 .

Place one decimal before unit digit i.e 2 , So the answer is  251.2


Math Magic: Multiplcation  by 5

Suppose you need to multiply  1256  by  5 . 

STEP 1 : Just half the number i.e divide by 2 . SO in this case 1256/2 = 628

Step 2: If the result after dividing by 2 is whole number [ i.e without any decimal] then place one ZERO after the result .  Like in the case of example , the result after halving the number 1256 , is without decimal so ,  we put one zero at the end and the answer is 6280

However, if the result after halving the number is with any decimal , ignore the decimal and put 5 ate the end .

For example , if you multifply number 121 x 5 , then 

Step 1: Halve the number i.e 121/2 = 60.5

Step 2: Ignore any thing written after decimal and just put 5 at the end 

So answer is 605

Practice on following fours sums and see how fast you are

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  1. I am fifteen years old and looking into possible careers. However, I dislike Maths and I would like to know if a career in management consultation requires me to wade neck deep into Maths.

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  3. Crouching Monkey Hidden Hippo
    March 21, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    Can someone actualy explain to me what a triangle number is i know that it is 1+2+3+4ect… but i need to know why they are called it.


  4. nightmare of my mom
    March 22, 2012 at 8:12 PM

    Hey, I 1st applied to Computer Technology in John Moores university, they rang me and said i didnt have high enough grades. So they offered me a foundation degree in engineering and technology, which i just noticed has 3 maths units. I am bad at maths! I got a C at GCSE. I am doing a BTEC computing corse at the minute, which has 3 maths units and they are quite hard, but im passing. How hard would this courses maths be? Thanks

  5. I am NOT looking for engineering that involes science and maths. Just maths. Except if there is a type of engineering that involves ONLY chemistry or biology. Also do you have to be at maths and physucs to do civil engineering or can you just be good at maths?

  6. Maths is my weakest subject as i got G in the exam however i got F in the recent mock exam. I need to pass (get C) in the foundation paper to get into college because they ask for C or higher in Maths. How many questions do i need to get right to pass to the Maths foundation paper?

  7. Keoki Sagastizado
    April 15, 2012 at 4:56 PM

    i need 15 maths facts

    well…please dont give site links (but if it is a good site i dont mind)

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    he can pay either 86 swiss francs or 56 euros
    the exchange rates are
    £1=2.10 swiss francs
    £1=140 euros
    which currency should he choose to get the best price and how much would he save?
    give your answers in £

  10. I’m having some trouble learning how to draw histograms!!
    Can Anyone explain it simply?

  11. I was thinking about doing a medical degree to become a doctor. The thing is I’m great at remembering things and working out how the body works etc and I have an analytical mind, but I’m not that good at maths or chemistry. If I can pass the university and get the degree, will that be enough or do you need to be inately talented at maths and chemistry?

  12. 4(x-2y)-(5x+3y)=30


  13. I’m going to university in England in september, currently on a gap year in New Zealand and i can’t be carrying giant maths books around as i am back packing. When I get to uni i don’t want to be completely out of step with my maths so what would be the best stuff to practice? Differentiation trig differentiation integration? Please be specific if possible. Any useful websites would be good too but my college can provide me with plenty of questions if not.

  14. Hi everyone, I’m currently in high school and I’m doing the International Bacaloriate, IB. I am planning to study Geography at university, and I have to choose between doing the higher or lower level maths. I am not very good at maths and i am sure i will have difficulties doing higher level maths but i will be willing to do it if it is necessary for a geography degree.
    So how important is maths for a geography degree? Can i take the lower level maths or must i do the higher level?

  15. At the moment I am doing Maths and Further Maths A levels but I wondered it anyone knew what type of experience I could gain, like any good short courses that are free/cheap and interesting or types of work experience other. I want to study Maths at university perhaps with Physics or Economics but definitely Maths.

    I actually enjoy maths and would enjoy gaining the experience as well as how it would look good on my personal statement so any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  17. I have a maths exam tommorow and I’m so nervous, even though i revised so much.

  18. What kind of maths does programming require, on the course I want to go on it says I need maths, and I am doing maths, I was just wondering what kind of maths it needs, and whether the maths is essential or not.
    EDIT: I want to go on a Masters in Computer Science course.

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