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Math Magic 3: Quickest Way to Multiply by Eleven

Multiplication by 11 has the wonderful trick by which one can multiply any number by 11 (eleven) without use of pen and paper. Such tricks to calculate fast is very helpful because most of the exams  for higher level service or engineering test or management tests require  skill to do fast solution to elementary math .The timing is crucial in these exams. So , if you know the fastest way to multiply or divide , it saves you plenty of time. Today, fastest way to multiply and divide by 5 is taught. It will take minutes to understand the math trick , but after that you will not need even pen and paper for multiplication by five or division by five.

Math Trick to Multiply By Eleven

Say you want to multiply 67 x 11

Step 1: Add the two number first  = 6 + 7 = 13

Step 2 : From the sum , you will take the number other than unit place number i.e in this case unit place number is 3 and orther number is 1 .

Step 3: Add the number other than unit place , with first number and keep the unit place number as it is.

From the forllowing image this will be clear














Lets take another example

879 x 11 = ??

Step 1 :Consider 87 as one number and 9 as another

Step 2: Add : 87 + 9 = 96

Step 3: take 9 out of 96 and add to 87 which comes to 96

Step 4 : Answer is 9669 [ Step 3] [6 out of Step 2 ] [Unit Number of 879]

See the picture below













Now Practice Multiplication Tricks for Eleven


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Comments ( 43 )

  1. Very nice learning for me. Thanks for the same. Pls post some more like that.

  2. yes i like this

  3. please send the tricks for time and work problems

  4. For the hex strategies i already know the ladder and the bridge.

  5. My Sister is in 4th grade and she is failing math! I really want to help her but she needs some tricks to understanding Multiplication and Divison. She isnt very good at grasping things and so she needs some little tricks and hints that can help her memorize stuff. If you guys have anything, anything at all let me know cause all i want for her is the best and to have a good education. THANK YOU ALL!!

  6. For a bachelors degree how good do you have to be at math? A list of math courses would be good. No designating math sequence course #s because; I won’t understand what they what they mean. Each college/university has their own standards. Rather just provide the names to the math courses. Easy ten points.

  7. My youngest has a math teacher who is telling him that he can make a C in art, English, science, history, or anything else because none of those subjects matter as much as math for the future. I’d like to see my son make higher grades in math, but somehow this method doesn’t seem a positive or helpful one. I’ve talked to this teacher, and he is adamant that math is more important than any other subject, and the principal doesn’t have a backbone. Ideas?

  8. as long as its over like a 4th grade level im 17 and i could use any and all math tips tricks plz lol. (i suck at math).

  9. I’m thinking of majoring in either economics or marketing. I took economics my senior year of high school, and I really enjoyed it. But I wanted to know how much math is involved. I’m good at basic maths and algebra, but it gets a little sketchy after that. I’ve heard from people that not much hard math is required, but I’ve also heard that math is something you’ll use a lot in college if you’re a business major.

  10. The inhabitants of the planet use six coins in their currency system: the Barj, the Berj, the Birj, Borj, the Burj, and the Byrj. A borj is worth 8 1/2 Berjes, a Birj is the equivalent of 1/6 of a Barj. Abyrj is worth a Birj less than a Burj, but is also worth a Berj more than a Borj. the mean of a values of the Borj and Burj is 1/3 of a Birj less than the value of a Byrj. A Barj is worth less than a Borj, but more than a Berj. order the six coins from greatest to least value.

  11. math tricks

  12. x/x+2 = x-2/x-3
    another 1………… 36x/9x² * 12x^7/2x * 5/x²

  13. I am going to be a Pre-Law major, but I wanted to choose a math friendly minor for marketing purposes. Also, I want the option of going into corporate law, and I will need math skills for that. On that note, I feel it would be in my best interest to minor in economics. I just wanted to know how intense and advanced the math would get. I’m an average math student.

  14. You know the ones where you multiply, divide, add, and subtract and at the end you get a number thats always going to be that number?

  15. I recently learned about a trick that allows me to multiply numbers 11 – 19 completely mentally. It is fantastic. So much so that I was wondering if there were any other great tricks like that one that I can use to progress in math. My math grades are good, so that’s not the issue, but any mental math tips would be welcomed.

  16. Can someone help me with this??? Thanks

    Solve each equations. First, undo the addition or the subtraction. Then undo the multiplication or division. Type you answers in the spaces provided.

    1. 3w – 5 =16
    2. 3x + 2=8
    3. u (Over) 3 + 9=18
    4. 11v + 8=19
    5. 4a + 7=19
    6. z (Over) 7 – 1= 3
    7. 4m – 6 = 10
    8. e (Over) 4 +15 = 16
    9. y (Over) 5 – 3 = 2
    10. s (Over) 3 -5 = 3


    11. 5n + 22 = 33
    12. x+2 = 14

  17. I am starting homeschooling for my junior year.
    In high school I have taken Integrated math 1 and 2 but in homeschooling maths they only say Algebra one and two etc.
    So what should I take for my third year of mathematics?

    *also I am planning on going into pediatric studies so if it could also be a math that I need to have for that please tell!

  18. Hi

    I am a math major (senior) specializing in financial math at a major big ten university.

    I am planning to go to grad school. But I do not know what I would get into. As in what field. Number theory, applied math, complex analysis, financial and actuarial.?

    I would like to know from people who have math related jobs or who have some experience. What field of math would give the most satisfaction? in terms of salary, and enjoyment.

    Vague question. But bear with me here.

  19. at 9:00am on the super sale day clothing city, Joe saw a jacket he wanted priced at $65. he only has $46 every hour, the price on jackets will be reduced 10% from the previous hours price.
    at wat time will Joe be able to buy the jacket for $46. or less provided the jacket is still available? show all your math and explain in detail how you arrived at your answer

  20. Like the hockey stick rule (or sticks and stones), do you guys know any? I need it for

  21. I’ve always been alright at math, taking Academic level classes in high school and completing up to Alg. II. My question is: Since my college path requires me to take up to Calc I, will I be alright at it? How difficult will it be for a so-so math student?

  22. Slove for the equation for y


  23. I was just wondering if people new any tricks.

    I know the squaring numbers ending in 5 trick. Like 35^2
    You take the tens diget and multiply it by 1 plus that digit and add 25 to the end so 35^2 is 3*(3+1)=12 and put 25 at the end so it’s 1225

  24. antonio javier lopez
    June 1, 2012 at 11:03 AM

    I’m thinking of those kinds that you figure out what number a person is thinking, but any kind of math trick would be great! thanks

  25. My daughter is going into 6th grade and she is not good at multiplication. Do you know of any good math tricks so she can be good at multiplication when she goes into middle school. She has problems in the 7-8-9-12 math times tables. Or can you give me a good website for math tricks.

  26. Anyone know any like the hockey stick rule (or sticks and stones), or anything else that will
    prove useful in AIME, AMC, USAMO, ARML? Thanks a lot!
    could you please elaborate on that?

  27. Fernanda Pinheiro
    June 29, 2012 at 10:31 PM

    ever since 4th grade i have started sucking in math i have always gotten 78% on almost all my math tests. my is getting dissipointed for it. i dont know what to do im doing my best.

  28. some tricks that we don’t ?

    e.g. squares, square roots of large numbers, multiplication etc. …

  29. ruksar farha khan
    July 27, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    nice magic`s

  30. Such as when you add the two last digits of the year you were born and the age you will be this year will add up to 111? Any other tricks or etc like these?

  31. Whats a good site that has cool math tricks??? My teacher showed me something cool today and I am now addicted to finding cool math tricks!

  32. please tell me. It is a trick where my teacher told us to solve for a remainder of a certain 3-digit number and when we already did, she asked us and by just looking at it, she could easily tell us what the remainder is. What is this math trick? I tried to search but it seems I can’t find. anyone help? I need to know. thatnks!!!!

  33. I love math, but I do not have a mathematically inclined brain. Is there a website that talks about the various fascinating mathematical discoveries or has math trivia, explained simply for people like me?

  34. How can Math and science skills contribute to the long-term sustainability of a state?

  35. do you do alot of math in your head or write out equations to figure out how much medicine to give,and what kind of math do you use??? What subjects do you have to take to be an anesthesiologist?

  36. Does college math have anything to do with Calculus? What’s the difference between the two? What exactly is College Math? What math subjects are covered in College math? Thank you!

  37. I am doing a project in math and i have to pick one of my dream jobs(interior designer). And we have to think of five ways math integrates with that job and how? If anyone has any slightest answer you would be the greatest of help. Thanks a lot!

  38. Is it more of just basic math and algebra? Or more? I understand if its computer programming, math would extremely important, but what about setting up a network or running one?

  39. I’m looking for sites that teach you some math tricks and shortcuts that allow you to do more complex calculations in your head without the need of a computer or calculator. For instance, one trick I know is multiplying any two-digit number by 11. To do that: take the two numbers and add them up, then put the result in the middle. Example: 11 * 62 means that you should add up 6 and 2 then put the result between them, which would make it 682. If they add up to more than 9, put the right digit in the middle and add the left digit (of the result) to the left digit of the number you’re multiplying by 11. Example: 11 * 69 means adding 6 and 9 (resulting in 15). Now put the 9 at the right where it is, then put the 5 in the middle and add the 1 to the 6 = 759. (Try it on the calculator.)

    That’s what I’m talking about. I’m looking for a site(s) that teaches you things like that. Anyone know anything like that?

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