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Majority Rule & Minority Rights – Part 2 Quiz !

Majority Rule & Minority Rights

As a company is an artificial person with no physical existence, it functions through the instrumentality of the Board of directors who is guided by the wishes of the majority, subject, of course, to the welfare of the company as a whole. It is, therefore, a cardinal rule of company law that prima facie a majority of members of a company are entitled to exercise the powers of the company and generally to control its affairs.

Thus, the majority of the members enjoy the supreme authority to exercise the powers of the company and generally to control its affairs. But this is subject to two very important limitations. Firstly, the powers of the majority of members is subject to the provisions of the Company’s memorandum and articles of association. A company cannot legally authorise or ratify any act which being outside the ambit of the memorandum, is ultra vires of the company [Ashbury Rly. Carriage and Iron Co. v. Riche, (1875) L.R. 7 H.L. 653]. Also, where the articles authorise the directors to deal with any matters except those which are outside the scope of the authority of the directors; or with which the directors, having power, are unable or unwilling to deal. Secondly, the resolution of a majority must not be inconsistent with the provisions of the Act or any other statute, or constitute a fraud on minority depriving it of its legitimate rights.



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