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Lunar Eclipse 2018 : Blood Moon Quiz : 10 Questions and Answers

Lunar Eclipse 2018

KBOutdoors / Pixabay

The longest and closest Lunar Eclipse of the century -also famously known as Red Moon Eclipse-will be on Friday evening, July 27 2018. At the very least part of the eclipse will certainly show up in all significant land areas other than North as well as Central America, with totality visible in the Middle East, India, parts of central Asia.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon goes through the Earth’s shadow on the other side of the Earth from the Sun. The moon transforms deep red or red-brown throughout eclipses, rather than going completely dark. That’s because a few of the sunlight going through Earth’s atmosphere is curved around the edge of our planet and drops into the moon’s surface.

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The total lunar eclipse is estimated to start from 11:44 pm IST on July 27. The initial stage of the lunar eclipse is expected to set in from 11:54 pm. The total lunar eclipse is estimated to set in from 1:00 am IST on July 28.

Test your knowledge on Lunar Eclipse 2018: Blood Moon Quiz: 10 Questions and Answers

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