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Lopez in News Again ! Here is A Quick Quiz on Her Life .

Media is gaga over new reports of romance between Jennifer Lopez’s and the  dancer Casper Smart. On Thursday, the couple flew to Morocco, where Lopez, 42, is scheduled to perform for Morocco’s royal family at a mall opening in Casablanca. It is reported earlioer trhat the couple was also seen frolicking on the beach in Hawaii during a Thanksgiving vacation with the Lopez family, including the singer’s 3-year-old twins Max and Emme.

Quick Quiz on Life of Keniffer Lopez


Comments ( 16 )

  1. Who was that movie star who was apparrantly a stud (it was a looooong time ago) and all of the ladies were like in love with him…and then right before he died…he admitted to being gay.

  2. MissTassenneWilliams
    May 14, 2012 at 5:47 PM

    I really want to become a movie star. Everyone I know says its stupid, and will never happen because you have to have alot of money to start acting in movies (and we have squat-nothing) and theres a whole bunch a problems with my dream. How can I become one? I will ANYTHING to be a movie star. Is this an impossible dream?

  3. What movie star is like you the most?

  4. Samantha Lockheart
    May 17, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    I just watched “heathers” which is a really old movie, and it reminded me of a newer movie (that is still a bit old) about this group of people who think they are an independent film company, but who I guess were actually just the bad sort of anarchists. The kidnapped a movie star and then video taped her, making her do crimes. I think she then gets Stockholm syndrome.

    Someone help me out, this was a great movie, and I have a horrible memory.

  5. I am starting extra work in film and TV but my dream is to be a movie star. Will I eventually be able to get speaking roles and main roles after being an extra. Is it easy for extras to be lucky?
    OK great answers I need more!

  6. I would like to dress up as a silent movie star for Halloween. I don’t exactly know how to do this, so is there any advice you could give me? I need to know how to do my make up, hair, clothes ( which I’m planning on going to goodwill or walmart to buy), and accesories. Thanks for your help!

  7. which movie star of famous person would you date and why?

  8. Look, it’s my dream to be a movie star. Any ideas on how to achieve my goal?

  9. What are some aspects in the movie, Star Trek: First Contact, that are scientifically impossible?

  10. A movie star that is a man that holds all these characteristics

    He is a father

    He is adored and admired but at the same time feared.

    Hard to access.

    Well basically carries all the characteristics of the male divine.
    And is there a current article that you know of that I can read up on this person about.

    Thanks so much!

  11. I’m not an actor. I know nothing about acting or the movies industry, but I have seen some people like me become famous and rich acting in Hollywood movies. How can I become a movie star too?

  12. let’s say you’re a movie star. you could be a teen or an adult. hey, you could even be a child.
    lets say in the movie, you are being raped, OR, you are having a sex scene.

    How does the father watch their teen daughter having sex? or how does the father watch their little girl get raped? or how does the husband watch their wife have sex? or how does the kid watch their mom be hot and heavy in a sex scene?

  13. K it’s been a while since i did my questions (like 8 months lol)
    K so here is todays celebrity……Demi Lovato (and kinda Selena Gomez)!

    So here it is
    Question: What T.V show did Demi Lovato met Selena Gomez when they were young?

    So answer and if it’s correct you’ll get best answer. I’ll be doing a couple more quizzes about celebrities later on.

    K.P =)

    I need the answers to 2, 3, 10, 14, 15, 16, & 19. Please help! 🙂
    Thank you for your help! Still searching for the answers to 3 and 16!

    1. Penelope Cruz
    2. Brooke Shields
    3. ???
    4. Renee Zellweger
    5. Sharon Osbourne
    6. Alicia Silverstone
    7. Lily Allen
    8. Marilyn Manson
    9. Ashley Tisdale
    10. Jessica Alba
    11. Christina Ricci
    12. Christina Applegate
    13. Jade Goody
    14. Anna Kournikova
    15. Barbara Streisand
    16. ??? It is killing me! It looks like Pam Anderson with dark hair!!!
    17. Juliette Lewis
    18. Kelly Clarkson
    19. Tori Spelling
    20. Angelina Jolie
    21. Victoria Beckham

  15. Answer all these questions right and first person right without a modifed answer gets 10 points!Good Luck!
    1)What is Paris Hilton’s new song?Do you like it?
    2)Name 4 movies Anne Hathway has been in.
    3)Name 5 movies(not 30 min.shows on tape)Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been in?
    4)Who is Hilary Duff’s boyfriend? and name his band and one of there songs.
    5)Name 2 commercials with celebrities in them.(Who are the celebbrities and what product are they talking about)?

  16. It’s for a quiz. Instant 10 points if you’re right.

    1 answer only please.
    rauldp38 got it right, unfortunately I went for TMZ and got it wrong. rauldp38 gets the points when It comes to voting for the best answer.

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