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Listing and Delisting of Securities – Part 1 Quiz !

Listing & Delisting

Listing of securities with stock exchange is a matter of great importance for companies and investors, because this provides the liquidity to the securities in the market. Any company offering its shares to the public for subscription is required to be listed on the stock exchange and has to comply with the conditions as provided in the SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, 2009. According to SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, 2009, a company has to file a draft offer document along with prescribed fees to SEBI through the lead merchant banker, at least thirty days prior to registering the prospectus with the Registrar of Companies. The company has to obtain in-principle approval from recognised stock exchanges in which the company proposes to get its securities listed. A company is required to complete the allotment of securities offered to the public and/or refund the application moneys within  fifteen days from the date of closure of the issue.

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