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Investor Protection-Grievances Redressal

Investor Protection-Grievances Redressal

Investor plays key role in development of a economy. Excess funds from the investor moves to the needy hands of business houses as investment. It is duty of the government to assure the investors protection by way of rules and regulation.

Investor protection is one of the most important elements of a thriving securities market or other financial investment institution. Investor protection focuses on making sure that investors are fully informed about their purchases, transactions and the affairs of the company that they have invested in.

In order to afford adequate protection to the investors, provisions have been incorporated in different legislations. Example of such measures are Companies Act, Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, Consumer Protection Act, Depositories Act, and Listing Agreement of the Stock Exchanges supplemented by many guidelines, circulars and press notes issued by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Company Affairs and SEBI from time to time.

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