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Investigation of LLP – Ten Question Quiz !

Investigation of LLP

LLP on the first view is just like a traditional partnership firm but having separate legal entity from it’s partners. Its obvious that person/s can misuse this feature of LLP. LLP Act,2008 and rules made there under provides powers to prescribed authorities to investigate into the affairs of LLP.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is an incorporated partnership formed and registered under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 with limited liability and perpetual succession. The Act came into force, for most part, on 31st March 2009 followed by its Rules on 1st April 2009 and the registration of the first LLP on 2nd April 2009. LLP Rules,2009 and LLP Act,2008 provides rules and regulation regarding appointment, fee and about his report.
Here is an interesting quiz of ten questions on the various provisions related to investigation of LLP.

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