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Indian History Quiz & Test – 1

The Indian history is very rich in its stories. Many warriors , kingdoms and culture prospered here and this quiz is to ascertain your knowledge of events ,character and stories of past era known as history of India. Enjoy the test .


Indian History Quiz

test quiz description

Comments ( 16 )

  1. Alright so I’m writing and essay about Hinduism, and I’m stuck cause I need three more reasons why Hinduism was essential in the history of India, I would appreciate a lot your help, and you don’t need to explain it, just mention them, but if you do that’ll be awesome, Thankss!

  2. How would India’s history have changed if the Sikhs took advantage of their two oppurtunities to conquer Delhi?

    I came across this question while reading a Sikh history book and I think about it all the time. What do you think India would be like if Delhi was dominated by the Sikhs?

  3. I hear these terms used on the history of india.

  4. My exam is tomorrow and I left my text book at school I have already studied but want a good read up my class goes from the British East India Company until the partition do you know a good source that haas this info?

  5. A few months ago ancient Pakistani Buddhist art were displayed in a New York Museum, and then many Indians (mostly in comment sections of forums and articles) say something like “Pakistan doesn’t have a history – it use to be India”. For those of you who don’t know, Pakistan was India all the way till the separation of British India in 1947.

    But, if this claim is true, can’t the same be said about America and Australia (Natives not being a part of their history?

  6. During my recent visit to different parts of South India I found wonderful stone sculptures, murals, caves, temples etc. I am interested to exchange views and knowledge about origin of tools used & technology deployed. I am also interested to know role of trade & traders to introduce developed implements / instruments in the society that affected culture of & economic anthropology of the society.

  7. I want to do my project so we help in collecting the information about modern india. For, I want my project to be the best. I just have one doubt – modern india means indian history or today’s way of living. Please help me in doing my social science project!

  8. Who is the Best Personality in the History of India? and why do u like him/her?

  9. Indie & Mojo Show
    May 13, 2012 at 1:38 AM

    I intend to read any good book on the History of India. I heard about the above mentioned book, but I have been unable to find any review of this book on the internet or from any other source. I have also heard that some time in past this was a prescribed text book in India; I don’t know for which program. I’m looking for someone who have read this book completely or partially and can give his or her feedback on this book. In other words, I want a review of this book.

  10. The year 1921 is a historical year of Indian history. What is that?

  11. What was the history of india’s urbanization development? In other words, how did india Urbanize? How did they create more technology? Was there like a population shift where people went from rural parts of india to the developing cities?

    Please show sources…

  12. The secularists rewrite history and the government of India issues advices to white wash history to present Islam-Hindu relations as amiable when it has been nothing short of a holocaust perpetrated on Hindus. People around the world donot tolerate the Jewish holocaust deniers but when it comes to India, History has been revised to back project some “secular” ideals!
    By that logic captain jonas if somebody kills your loved ones would you just forget about it as the past, since in the future you would “unnecessarily” seek justice against that person. What kind of logic is that?
    why cause that person to suffer in a prison or die at the hands of the law in the future, since the death of your loved ones would already be in the past?

  13. The culture and history of India is considered to be dynamic, unique and intriguing, shrouded in mysticism and romanticism. According to historians,

  14. I have been going through may sites and many pages.! but i am not able to find the particular answer and the right one.! and the main thing is that is i believe in vampires more than anything else!! as i told u i hv seen many pages of vampires in india they say that history of vampires started in india.! bt i didn’t find it trust worthy cause if there was a history of vampires in india there would hv been more descriptions!! i just want to know what the reality is..!

  15. I’m going to India, looking for some good audiobooks to listen to at night.
    I’ve read EM Forster’s A Passage to India, got White Tiger. I’m sure I’m missing out on some classics.
    Any on the history of colonialism, or even better the complete history of India?

  16. I was just reading an article on History of India: The British Empire & I saw how Christian British rulers tortured thousands of Indians for tax & other stuffs. Does their Bible say so?

    And this is one of the reasons why I never want to be a Christian.

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