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Indian depository reciepts

Indian depository reciepts

Globlisation has made significant changes in the way of conduct of business. Almost every aspect of business now can be linked with global economy. Fund which is major requirement is no far from this. Business can procure funds from other than its home economy. When any instrument in the form of a depository receipts  created by Domestic Depository in India against the underlying equity shares of issuing company which is located outside India.

Investment in Indian Depository Receipts (IDRs) is an interesting opportunity for the Indian Investors who are looking for investing their funds in foreign equity. It is just like American Depository Receipts or Global Depository
Receipts, which are instruments used by Indian Companies to raise money abroad, IDRs are meant for foreign companies looking to raise capital in India.The Indian IDR holder would  indirectly own the equity shares
of overseas issuer company. IDRs are to be listed and denominated in India Currency.

Indian Depository receipt

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