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Independence of Netherlands : 10 Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge !

The Netherlands is a country with a very rich and diverse history. Geographically, it acts as a cornerstone of Europe not least because it acted as a major port city in trade development. Not only did the foundation of the modern Netherlands have a geographical economic benefit but also a rapidly emerging political façade which quickly rose to prominent in early modern Europe. At that time, the Netherlands was known as the Dutch Republic.

The Dutch Republic ultimately was ravaged by every other major power of Europe at the time. Strategically, it occupied a very important space in Europe and states were willing to fight over it. During the turbulent war-torn centuries of early modern Europe, we can see how vigorous the Netherlands was in its defence of its country. This was partly due to the overwhelming Protestant nature of the state which refused to succumb to Catholic rulers elsewhere.

Independence of the Netherlands was a bloody affair but it came through successfully. This success was echoed in its cultural efforts which are now referred to as the Dutch Golden Age. The period post-independence ushered in a vast swathe of artistic development, some of the finest art appreciated today. Once the shackles of war were removed and a national identity began to emerge, the Dutch Republic became one of the most liberal and developed of all countries in the world.

This quiz aims to take a look at some of the major events which factored into the independence movement of the Netherlands. This invariably involves taking a look at its history as well as the aforementioned cultural benefits that independence brought. The independence of the Netherlands also brought great expansion and growth. This expansion is critical to understanding the effects of its independence.

QUIZ on Netherlands

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