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Independence of France : 10 Questions to Test Your Knowledge !

France has had a very turbulent history but an equally dramatic history of independence. For a great deal of its history, it was bound up by the Roman Empire where it developed much of its Catholic nature. Upon the fall of the Roman Empire, the territory went through various changes and was ultimately united with its eastern neighbour in an empire crowned by the Pope in Rome. This conception of a Holy Roman Emperor lasted until the early nineteenth century.

However, the Holy Roman Empire could not be held together mostly due to dynastic battles. These dynastic battles split the empire leading West Francia to govern itself; mostly in the territory it borders today. However, there was a slight border shift in that northern parts of Spain were also included in this region known as West Francia. West Francia itself underwent various changing dynasties but ultimately remained a powerful kingdom in Western Europe.

France should celebrate this period in its history more than it does. The current celebrations exist for the revolution of 1789 with the dramatic storming of the Bastille and fall of the monarchy. However, France’s real independence lays not in 1789 but in 843. It was during this period that an Islamic invasion threatened the very existence of the French state and it was during this period in French history that they managed to defeat the enemy and consolidate French territory.

This quiz aims to take a look at some of the finer details of these various French developments that emerged toward the end of the first millennium. As such, it will look directly at the causes of the independence of West Francis in 843 as well as the immediate short-term consequences that independence had.

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