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Ice Cream: 10 Question Quiz

Ice cream is everyone’s summer delight. It is the best way to beat the heat and statistics show that they are manufactured to full capacity and even sold to full capacity during summers. In the historic times, they were called cream ice. They were made using ice or very cold water with fruit punch or sorbets. It is said that Alexander the Great used to consume snow with nectar and honey as ice cream treat. In the ancient times, they were a royal dessert reserved only for the elite class. Today, they have come a long way with manufacturers using liquid nitrogen to freeze ice creams. This aids in freezing the liquid to direct frozen state without the need of an ice cream freezer.
Ice creams are the most popular dessert treats after cookies and they are enjoyed by the young and old alike. In this quiz, you shall learn more about ice cream in the ancient times. You shall also learn a little bit about ice cream making.

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