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ICDR – Eligibility and Allocation – Quiz !

ICDR – Eligibility and Allocation

No doubt securities market is an indicator for economical performance of a country.Access to this market means access to large amount of funds and investor as well. For safeguarding interest of investor and economy various rules and regulation are there. SEBI(ICDR) Regulations,2009 is one of the key regulation which regulate issuing and disclosure requirement of securities.

SEBI, under ICDR Regulations,2009 has defined various terms, disclosure requirements ,eligibility allocation of issue etc. The first point in this regard is eligibility for a company that it is eligible for accessing this market .Various requirements regards profit, net worth etc are included to define the eligibility.
If the eligible issuer makes an issue then the next is allocation and allotment according to this regulation.
Here is a quiz to test your knowledge on ICDR-Eligibility and Allocation.

ICDR Eligibility and Allocation

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