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How to Know if You have Diabetes ?

If you find that there are certain diabetes symptoms in you , you must test to verify if you have blood sugar problem . Simple question arises in everyone’s mind is : how to test for diabetes at home? Well , there are diabetes test kits available through which you can very easily test your blood glucose level .But even before take that prickly test at home , you can do easy self tests  to understand whether you may require blood test for knowing if you are diabetic. These are – finger nail test for diabetes or acupressure point testes .

Finger nail blood circulation test for diabetes


2. Use Test Kit to Check Blood Sugar Level

When you want to take test of glucose level in your blood  at home , just purchase the blood glucose measuring kit ( sold under various brand names). The basic principle is to draw a drop of blood and put on the test strip which is inserted in an electronic device. Within seconds you would get the glucose level written in the device which can be saved also these days in the same device.When you buy the kit , it will have a  blood glucose meter, a test strip to hand, a lancing device and a monitoring diary to record the results of your blood glucose test. Watch the video below

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