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How Much You Know About Famous Indians-Take This quiz!

India produced many great men who become famous in their field. how much you know about then. Take this test to check you knowledge


Famous Indians

test quiz description

Comments ( 23 )

  1. Okay so both of the guys are great friends of mine. I am currently going out with one of them and he is smart,sexy,charming and everything else a woman could ask for. The other man is the one that I have known the longest. He has all the great qualities the other man has but he use to have problems with money since he gambles. Also with this man I am able to tell him everything because I trust him. I love them both and I have asked friends to help me decide but it is so hard.

  2. In stories such as the Odyssey and Beowolf beautiful women tempt heroic men (often succeeding) and they more often then not succumb to these women? Is it really true then that women are one of men’s greatest weakness? What are your perceptions on this?

  3. Since the beginning of time humanity has had great personalities whom we honor and admire today . Can anyone tell me how many great women and how many great men have there been in human history ? If it would be possible I would also like names and fields of occupation.

  4. This is a legitimate question and one that is very relevent since two Mormons may be seeking the candidacy of President of the United States. People have a right to know and research who you would consider to be a great man as being indicative of your appointments. Obama has affinity to men like Rev. Wright and Van Jones, just as an example.

  5. All the great men I meet find out Im a veg and either judge me, make fun of me, or do NOT understand it. Any sexy, vegetarian, single men in the world?

  6. khalifa Umar Baffale
    May 25, 2012 at 12:08 AM

    I have to write an essay for a history fair at school and i want to do it on Julius Caesar, Gandhi,Martin Luther King, Jesus Christ ,Napoleon Bonaparte, and Louis XIV. I just need to know what ties these men together and what makes them great.

  7. I’ve always admired Rhett Butler, Mr. Darcy, and Heathcliff. I need some other books where it talks about a great man that girls would love. I’m sure there are other Jane Austen books with great men, but don’t let that limit yourself! List off as many men that are like Rhett!

    P.S. Can you give me your top 5 favorite classics?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Cite at least five (5) literary works written by Filipino heroes or great men. Explain to your Outfit the significance of each of these literary works. Select at least three (3) passages/ideas from each which you think are still relevant today.

    Could somebody please help me??
    I would appreciate if somebody would try to help me.. Thanks!! 🙂

  9. I’m looking the book, “Lov eletters of great men” from “Sex and the City”. Could someone help me and tell me, from where download it for free?

  10. . What early Native American Indians were famous for their horse culture and hunted buffalo?

  11. You deal with multi-million dollar estates, so your fees are likely to be very good. There is always lots of work because celebrities get divorced so often. And the work is easy all you do is say “irreconcilable differences” and split it 50-50 since celebrities don’t want the attention anyways. It’s only a little more difficult when there are kids.

  12. I want to know the names of the people who were born in India but worked in other countries like those who are called India born and America settled etc…

  13. BuildDownToAnathema
    October 7, 2012 at 3:26 AM

    like gandhi

  14. who’s your favourite and why??
    i’m doing a survey so it is much appreciated

  15. years doesnt matter so just tell me the 20 famous indians thank you
    i meant native americans srry fo the typo n again years dont matter

  16. Face it, most celebrities divorce within 5 years of getting married,

    It’s damaging to children and the sanctity of marriage. If we don’t take a stand for traditional, long-lasting marriage, society will suffer God’s wrath.

  17. Just heard news about a Indian politician passing away. It is very saddening to see comments of public on a famous Indian newspaper website, who are not keeping in mind that they are making such unparliamentary comments on a person who has died sometime back.

    But basic issue is why indians politicians should be so least respected by Indian masses ?

  18. I recently read an article by Mr. Jayant Narlikar (famous Indian astrophysicist) where the author gave an overview of the writings of H G Wells, Arthur C Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury and said that bad science fiction is the one which creates irrational fear of science among readers and takes irresponsibly big liberties.

    While, good sci-fi paves the path for new scientific explorations.

    I guess, you have to take certain liberties with science fiction and you have to write about fancy stuff like anti-gravity, faster-than-light spaceships etc.

    My question is, how do you draw the line?
    And what exactly should a good science fiction writer do?

    Any suggested readings?

  19. In other words, why are people more likely to buy a product if there is a celebrity in the advertisement?/ How do celebrities make people want to buy a product?
    Thank you in advance. 🙂

  20. I just couldn’t remember the name of this famous indian group. They are three singers I saw in MTV india 3 years ago and they sing superbly! Are they still existing? Can I find them at you tube?

  21. What celebrities would you like to meet in life, and what celebrities have you allready met?

  22. Squanto was the famous indian from the village of Pautuxet, or the town called Plymoth.

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