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History Quiz on Quasi War -the Franco Amercian War

quasi warHere is a another quiz on war from history pages .The famous Franco Amercian war,  well known in history as the Quasi-War . This war  between the United States of America and the French Republic fought amost entirely in sea between the period of  1798 to 1800  . The immediate reason of this war was teh relucatnce of  the United States to repay its debt to France on the grounds that since the French crown was toppled during the French Revolutionary Wars,debt to previous regime is over. As a result .  French led to a series of attacks on American shipping, that ultimately lead to retaliation from the Americans . The war ended  with the signing of the Convention of 1800 shortly thereafter. So here is the quiz in three parts to test your knowledge on this Quasi War chapter from history . 

Quiz on Quasi War-Part 1

quasi war

test quiz description

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