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History quiz on Kanishka and Ashoka

Political History quiz on Kanishka and Ashoka


The quiz on Kanishka , Ashoka & Samudragupta period  is for quick check of your knowledge before exams . Kanishka was the greatest leader and also king of Kushan Empire in Ancient India. He was a foreigner by birth. Yet he had deep love for India. He embraced Buddhism as his faith. By his conquests, by spiritual tasks and also by buying the Indian society, he made the Kushan duration incomparably identified.

Emperor Kanishka had actually succeeded Kadphises II as the third king of the Kushan empire. No direct connection has actually been developed in between Kanishka and also his predecessor Kadphises II. However his instant -sequence to the throne after him suggests that he was the successor to subjugate the empire.

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Ashoka Period

One of the best emperors of perpetuity, Emperor Ashoka was a Mauryan leader whose empire spread across the Indian subcontinent, stretching from the present day Pakistan and also Afghanistan to Bangladesh as well as the Indian state of Assam to Kerala and Andhra in south India, hence covering a large location. He is known as Ashoka the Great considering that he was just one of the most able rulers that ruled India. Under his rule, the entire India was unified as one single company with smooth management. His life is a motivation to many as he mastered every little thing he did. The name Ashoka indicates “with no sorrow” in Sanskrit. Read on this bio regarding the biography of famous Buddhist emperor.

After a duration of 8 years of working as the king, He intended to take the region of Kalinga, today day Orissa. He led a substantial military as well as fought a terrible battle with the army of Kalinga. The battle of Kalinga made him promise to never ever wage a battle once again. The battle happened on the Dhauli hills that lie on the banks of River Daya. Though Ashoka surfaced successful at the end, the sight of the field of battle made his heart break with shame, guilt, and also disgust. It is said that the fight was so furious that the waters of River Daya reddened with the blood of the slain soldiers and private citizens.

Samudragupta, was the 2nd Gupta emperor and also ruled from 335 to 375 AD/CE. He dominated every one of Aryavarta (the indo-gangetic levels) and also Dakshinapatha (land south of the Narmada). He getting rid of kings as for present day Kancheepuram(near Chennai).

Samudraguta’s conquest of north India resulted in Digvijay (full triumph), he getting rid of the kingdoms and also overcame them for his own realm. His campaign of southerly India produced Dharmavijay (ethical triumph), he defeated the kings however enabled them to rule their kingdoms while acknowledging him as their sovereign. This non-centralized type of administration is what made him different from the Maurya’s as well as made his realm less complicated to rule.

Quiz on Kanishka & Ashoka Period

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  3. […] Chandragupta’s son, Bindusara ruled between 298-272 BCE as well as extended the empire throughout the whole of India. His boy was Ashoka the Great (lived 304-232, ruled 269-232 BCE) under whose rule the empire thrived at its height. 8 years right into his reign, Ashoka conquered the eastern city-state of Kalinga which caused a death toll numbering over 100,000. Surprised at the devastation and fatality, Ashoka accepted the mentors of the Buddha as well as started an organized programme supporting Buddhist believed and also principles. He developed lots of abbeys and offered lavishly to Buddhist areas. His ardent assistance of Buddhist worths eventually created a stress on the federal government both financially as well as politically as also his grandson, Sampadi, beneficiary to the throne, opposed his plans. By the end of Ashoka’s reign the federal government treasury was seriously diminished with his regular religious contributions and also, after his fatality, the realm declined quickly. Click here for History quiz on Kanishka and Ashoka […]

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