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Solar System Quiz – Geography

Solar SystemThe Solar System is made up of all the planets that orbit our Sun and also consists of moons, comets, asteroids, minor planets, and dust and gas. In a  Solar System, every object near it  orbits or revolves around the Sun. This is on account of fact that  Sun is so large, its powerful gravity attracts all the other objects in the Solar System towards it.Scientists estimate that the edge of the solar system is about 9 billion miles (15 billion kilometers) from the sun.

For millennia, astronomers have actually adhered to points of light that appeared to move among the stars. The old Greeks specified these earths, indicating “wanderers.” Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were known in classical times, as well as the creation of the telescope added the Asteroid Belt, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and a number of these globes’ moons. The dawn of the space age saw loads of probes released to explore our system, an adventure that continues today. The discovery of Eris started a breakout of new discoveries of dwarf earths.

Astronomers are currently hunting for an additional world in our planetary system, a true nine world, after proof of its existence was unveiled on Jan. 20, 2016. The supposed “Planet Nine,” as researchers are calling it, is about 10 times the mass of Earth and also 5,000 times the mass of Pluto.

Test your on planets and solar system quiz

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Comments ( 44 )

  1. Im taking A-level biology, chemistry and geogrpahy. im good at geography but it can get boring, im really interested in biology but its really hard and im not so good at chemistry :S. my friend suggested forensic science but i think theres allot of maths envolved?

  2. Which of the following is not true about Russia’s role in the world?

    It is a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations.
    It regular attends meetings of the Group of 8 (G8) informal consultative body on the world’s economy.
    It has a strong capitalist economy.
    It is a nuclear power.

  3. A) The solar system has no irregularities; it is perfectly regular and orderly.
    B) They are too minor to play a role; astronomers ignore them.
    C) Theories of the solar system are entirely based on the many irregularities found among the planets and moons.
    D) The solar system is chaotic, with irregularities the rule.
    E) They introduce a need for flexibility in theories of the solar system’s origin.

  4. I was thinking of doing something either in urban planning or cartography.

  5. using only the internet i need to know things about river country continents oceans and i will give you an example of what they ask

    Muslims every year travel to what country located in asia

    Anwer mecca

  6. I just got a novice level telescope for Chirstmas and I want to know where to look in the sky for planets. I live in the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Are there any websites listing where planets are right now or maps?

  7. which planet is the biggest?
    which planet has the longest year?
    which planet is the hottest?
    which planet is the coldest?
    which planet has the shortest year?
    which planet is the smallest?
    how may planets that are descoverd that have water and air?
    and how may universas are there??

  8. I’m doing GCSE geography (AQA Specification C) does any one know of any useful websites which are not bitesize or samlearning, as i don’t find those very helpful for geography.
    Thanks. 🙂 x

  9. Earth has been the only planet since millions of years with the proof of life.All other planets are merely assumptions by astrologers that earth-like planets exist beyond our Milky way. Recently an earth like planet was discovered by astrologers which was supposed to have life, fire,water and Oxygen like gas.But that is all a foolish assumption.

  10. It was OK?
    I did question 6 and 7…they were all right. In question 7a) I just wrote about destructive plates at the earthquake in Mexico..think i’ll get it right? I thought the exam was OK….not impossible

  11. A. As Earth passes another planet, its gravitational pull slows down the other planet so that it appears to be traveling backward.

    B.When planets are farther from the Sun, they move slower than when they are nearer the Sun; it is during this slower period that they appear to move backwards.

    C.The other planets never really appear to move backward; the background stars shift due to Earth’s revolution around the Sun.

    D.As Earth passes another planet, the other planet appears to move backward with respect to the background stars, but the planet’s motion does not really change.

    E.Apparent retrograde motion is an illusion created by turbulence in Earth’s atmosphere.

  12. When we say milky way, is it what our solar system is called, what exactly is a galaxy and where is our place in it?
    How many solar systems are there?

  13. Do all the planets orbit the sun in a single plane, or do they have their own planes of orbit (forming an ellipsoid)?

    I suspect that they are not all in a single plane. This is because, when we see the planets in the sky, we need to look above into the sky, each planet seen at various angles from the Earth’s horizon. Further, if all the planets were in the same plane we should not have been able to see them.

    If they are not in a single plane, is it only for ease of representing that all pictures of the solar system depict the planets in a single plane with the sun?

  14. How much space is between planetary systems? I think the next closest one is Alpha Centauri. How far is that once you leave the solar system? I know that voyager spacecraft left our solar system and is somewhere in deep space; can it ever get to another solar system? or are they all just too far away?

  15. Shawn Boulianne
    June 7, 2012 at 7:40 PM

    A line straight south from Chicago would pass through what South American countries or cities?

    And if you could also please help me with
    What is the latitude and longitude of Banda Ache, Sumatra
    and what country is located at 22.55N, 82.15 W

    and wut country is located at 51.35N, 82.15W
    and wut country is located at 51.35N, 176.48E

  16. When the earth is overpopulated there will be migrations of people to live on other planets which will be terraformed for future homes.How many planets are habitable for the human race?

  17. I am writing a lesson plan on the solar system and need help on how to build a solar system out of styrofoam balls and clothes hangers, or however that works. Help!

  18. How much solar system setup for running power a home might costs ? I am from India and their are too many power cuts , so i have decided to setup solar system instead of buy a generetor or invertor , and can any one tell me which company in India supply Solar system setup for home

  19. What are the general features of the solar system, and the solar nebula theory, and give evidence of planetary formation in other places in the universe

  20. Geologists generally agree that the Earth has been hit many times by other objects in the solar system, and most predict that another object will again strike the Earth in the near future. Does our knowledge of the solar system give us a better chance of surviving such a catastrophe? How? What other benefit is it to know the solar system better? How can the position of sun, moon, and planets help us to know our position on Earth? How does knowing the conditions on other planets help us to appreciate Earth? Could there be life on other bodies in our solar system? Why or why not?

  21. Scientist are saying that our solar system does not go straight out, but ‘bends’.
    Wouldn’t that mean, that at some point it will make almost a full circle back to the beginning?

  22. Believer in Christ
    July 4, 2012 at 4:01 AM

    In 1967, the Sun, the Moon, and five planets visible with the naked eye were all in conjunction with each other during a solar eclipse. This made the viewing of Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and what two other planets possible?

  23. I am helping my daughter with a science project and would like to know specifically why planets that are closest to the sun orbit faster than further planets? I am having difficulty finding a specific explaination. Serious answers only. Thank you!

  24. I got an A* with OCR says i got full marks on my last test which is complete rubbish there must have been a mistake anyone else experienced this.
    I am not showing off i mean it i am thick I did bad in my other subjects. I know i failed serval questions as i checked afterwards so i could’nt have got full marks which i did

  25. FanClub Cristhian
    July 18, 2012 at 8:18 AM

    Can any1 tell me the size(in relation to earth) of all the planets of the solar system?
    Or gravity (in relation to earth) of all planets of the solar system

  26. So I installed a solar system I bought at harbor freight and was planning on getting the rest of the panels later. It says to leave the regulator on only when your at home. I was thinking what is the difference between my system and the $10,000 system that a solar company would install in houses.

  27. Van Mayors Office
    July 28, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    thanks 🙂 10 points for your any help

  28. What I mean is – how easy are the planets of our own solar system to spot using radial velocity techniques from some other solar system in the Milky Way?

    4 gas giants would count in our favour, yes? Or are we too indistinct to be spotted?

  29. Apparently, there are material planets in hinduism where different demigods/deities/devas reside like the planet Bramhaloka. What exactly are they. Are they just different planets with higher beings of life form? Can any of these planets be proven scientifically, because according to hinduism they exist in this material universe.

    August 8, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    What does it mean to say that geogrpahy is concerned with the spatial? And How does this perspective add to our understanding of events?

  31. Our solar system has 8 planets, and some have 1 or 2 planets. I want to know what the average number of planets in a solar system is.

  32. I have heard that there are 9 planets but in some movies they say 8 planets.I am confused.

  33. Please no silly and unnecessary answers like working in mcdonald’s or whatever. Thanks =)
    Thank you x
    I was wondering if i could be some kind of engineer with georgraphy as a degree?

  34. What made the planets move through space and what caused them to form gravity and a magnetic field and all that complex stuff. And how come earth is the only planets with life in the solar system?
    I am a christian so no big bang stuff.

  35. My study guide for this exam for college says….

    During the star formation process, a disk of material forms around the proto-sun. This disk is where planets will form. What properties of the solar system are indicative of the planets forming from a rotating disk?

    I need to know if the answer would be….Heating, Spinning, Flattening…Does anybody know if that would be right?

  36. Why are the inner planets small and the outer planets huge!

  37. My dominant planets are

    My dominant signs are

    So does that mean i’d act more like my dominant signs; and will be happiest when doing things that are related to my dominant planets?
    Oh Irina, I’m sorry D:
    I’ll give you best answer for this to make up for it.

  38. No This is Patrick
    November 10, 2012 at 4:57 AM

    Gravity and inertia makes our solar system’s planets to orbit around the Sun, but what will happen to the planets if there were only inertia?
    What direction will the planets go?

  39. These new planets they discover far away appear on the telescopes as nothing but dotes.
    How do they found new planets?

  40. Like for a project, i need a foldable for the “5 themes of Geogrpahy”
    And Help, *Oh and i dont want any boring folds, something UNIQUE!

  41. A. Extrasolar planets are not bright compared to the stars they orbit.
    B. Extrasolar planets are much colder than Earth.
    C. There is no life on extrasolar planets.

  42. I need to make a model of the solar system, and I want to make it move. Any type of (inexpensive!!) motor or something that I could use to make it move, without it going too slow or too fast? Or possibly a manual type rotation? I also don’t want it to be too complicated, and it has to be able to move somewhat by itself after the initial force. Help please?
    @ Sir caustic, it would not continue moving after my initial force.

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