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Geography Quiz on Multipurpose Projects : 10 Quick Questions

The following section consist of Geography quiz on multipurpose project.Take the quiz and improve your overall knowledge. People have always really felt the should keep river water in the wet season for usage in the dry season. Individuals in ancient India built several hydraulic structures like dams, fabricated lakes, tanks and canals to shop as well as divert water for watering. Major advantages of large multi-purpose jobs most likely to big landowners and also industrialists, while the local, bad, landless people have little to gain. Better irrigation centers attract farmers to expand more water-intensive commercial crops, causing over-irrigation and increase in dirt salinity. Building and construction of dams trigger environmental problems too like these block the migration of fish, upsetting the environmental equilibrium as well as placing several aquatic varieties in danger.The unexpected launch of large amounts of water from dams leads to large-scale flooding in ordinary locations. Huge dams block the totally free circulation of river water, resulting in disputes between different states over water sharing, and over the sharing of costs and benefits of the project. Conservationists connect big dams with reason for quakes, spread of water-borne diseases and degradation of soil. Most of the multi-purpose river projects in India so far have not met their desired objectives. Click here for Geography Quiz on Relief and Drainage of India

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