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Indus Valley Civilization : Quiz

Indus Valley CivilizationThis is the second ten questions set on the great Indus Valley Civilzation which was the largest of the four ancient urban civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, South Asia and China.Most of its ruins, even its major cities, remain to be excavated. The ancient Indus valley Civilization script has not been deciphered.

Video on Indus Valley Civilization

Here is Part-II of Indus Valley Civilization



Comments ( 34 )

  1. Christina Aguilera
    March 2, 2012 at 12:10 AM

    A. Most archaeologists and historians prefer to work on the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations.

    B. The ancient people of the Indus Valley purposely obscured evidence of their existence.

    C. Archaeologists and historians have been unable to decipher the Indus Valley writing.

    D. Only one ancient city in the Indus Valley has been discovered and explored.

  2. The region forming modern Pakistan was at the heart of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. But originally it was part of India in Bronze Age civilization (3300–1300 BCE; mature period 2600–1900 BCE). But many articles while describing Pakistan says that Pakistan has a rich history dating back to the ancient times.
    All their history actually starts from 1947, not 3000 BC. Indus valley civilization was inhabitated by present Indians not Pakistanis.

  3. Can anyone give me an explanation on the causes or any website that focused on floods in Indus valley and how the floods came about? Is there any direction from where the floods came from?

  4. Mark Nork The Dork
    March 11, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    Who is the Best Personality in the History of India? and why do u like him/her?

  5. Ignatius J Reilly
    March 31, 2012 at 9:27 PM

    What did the People of the Indus Valley do to solve these environmental problems:
    1) Monsoons brought either too much rain or too little
    2) The Indus River changed course
    3) The flooding of the Indus river was unpredictable.


    April 1, 2012 at 1:10 AM

    How would India’s history have changed if the Sikhs took advantage of their two oppurtunities to conquer Delhi?

    I came across this question while reading a Sikh history book and I think about it all the time. What do you think India would be like if Delhi was dominated by the Sikhs?

  7. I need to interview someone about an event in india’s history. I need learn things like how the person felt and stuff. What are some events in India’s history that occured after 1960 that would be good for an interview. I don’t think I can use the Sino-Indian war.

  8. TheUnNamedFestival
    April 12, 2012 at 3:09 PM

    I want to do my project so we help in collecting the information about modern india. For, I want my project to be the best. I just have one doubt – modern india means indian history or today’s way of living. Please help me in doing my social science project!

  9. Hi, im a freshman at highschool, and my history teacher is going to make us write a essay on “How did the 5 criteriors help the indus valley civilization?” Can someone help me plzzzzz because i hate history and i dont understand it. Thanks

  10. i need help with my mid term questions. i had 30 to do and i have been working on it for 3 days. i still have a couple of questions unanswered. can u help me

    What are the significant monuments that I need to visit in the Indus Valley?,Where are they located?,When were they constructed?,Why were they constructed?,Your itinerary must begin from the time I wake- up until I go to sleep.,You must provide justification for each activity on the itinerary.,Explain the breakdown of the social classes in the Indus valley. (Who is at the top, middle and bottom?), What are the laws that I must follow so as to not get in trouble with the authorities.,What influential individuals do you believe I should attempt to meet with? Why?,Explain how The Indus valley has been influential to the world.,Why should I visit the Indus valley?

  11. What was the history of india’s urbanization development? In other words, how did india Urbanize? How did they create more technology? Was there like a population shift where people went from rural parts of india to the developing cities?

    Please show sources…

  12. Alright so I’m writing and essay about Hinduism, and I’m stuck cause I need three more reasons why Hinduism was essential in the history of India, I would appreciate a lot your help, and you don’t need to explain it, just mention them, but if you do that’ll be awesome, Thankss!

  13. What was the land like in the Indus valley??
    How did the people use the land and soil?

  14. I am doing a school project and I need Indus Valley Rainfall by month (or year if month is not do-able). This is a huge help. Thnx!

    May 24, 2012 at 1:44 PM

    I hear these terms used on the history of india.

  16. What two natural cycles affected agricultural development in the Indus Valley?

  17. I want all possible information on magazine journalism in India… the history, the start, the rise and fall and the boom of magazines in recent times.. anyone have any links or info that will help will be highly appreciated.

  18. The year 1921 is a historical year of Indian history. What is that?

  19. The culture and history of India is considered to be dynamic, unique and intriguing, shrouded in mysticism and romanticism. According to historians,

  20. I need detailed information about India’s ancient dinasties. Some tie-ins with mythology and/or religion would be helpful too.

  21. Im a little confused about this whole religion thing.
    So was the INdus Valley religion Hinduism?
    And then when the Aryans came to take over, did they bring in the belief of many gods, polytheists?

  22. What Lead To The Apex And When Was It?
    What Lead To The Decline?
    I Need Real Facts I Am Doing A Report On The Decline Of The Indus Valley Civilization And The Questions I Have To Answer Are:
    What Lead To The Apex And When Was It?
    What Lead To The Delcine And When Was It?

  23. The secularists rewrite history and the government of India issues advices to white wash history to present Islam-Hindu relations as amiable when it has been nothing short of a holocaust perpetrated on Hindus. People around the world donot tolerate the Jewish holocaust deniers but when it comes to India, History has been revised to back project some “secular” ideals!
    By that logic captain jonas if somebody kills your loved ones would you just forget about it as the past, since in the future you would “unnecessarily” seek justice against that person. What kind of logic is that?
    why cause that person to suffer in a prison or die at the hands of the law in the future, since the death of your loved ones would already be in the past?

  24. a need some links for a theory of what happened to mohenjo daro
    if it has a primary source such as a picture that would be nice too

    please be .org .gov or .edu please

  25. Southern Playalistic
    September 29, 2012 at 10:35 PM

    Ive recently read a book which says that the language used in those civilizations are similar to oolder form of tamil.
    Is it true?

  26. what signs of an advanced civilization can be seen in harappa and mohenjo-daro?

    I need the answer fast…

  27. It is okay to have multiple sites. No wikipedia please. Do not suggest me to google or yahoo it, because i dis, but it didn’t work.

  28. What happened to Harappa and Mohenjo Daro ? why don’t we know a lot about them ?

  29. This is a social studies question that i need help with so please try to answer it with an correct answer thanks =)

  30. (A) Most archaeologists and historians prefer to work on the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations.

    (B) The ancient people of the Indus Valley purposely obscured evidence of their existence.

    (C) Archaeologists and historians have been unable to decipher the Indus Valley writing.

    (D) Only one ancient city in the Indus Valley has been discovered and explored.

  31. I have to do a diary entry for school. The person would have lived in India, Mohenjo- Daro and Harappa to be specific. Please reply as soon as possible. Any names from the 1600s. Thanks! =]

  32. Hai, i have given my exams for PG DIPLOMA IN ARCHAEOLOGY last May and am waiting for my results. The Indus valley civilization has fascinated me. I want to learn as many facts as possible about this mysterious civilization. So can you help me please? Thanks & regards.

  33. Like in Ancient india they considered the bull and buffalo sacred and the monkey to be a deity, do they still do this? It’s for a project..comparing india then and india now. Also if you just happen to know the answer to this… do they still use Vedas? Did they learn from the mistakes of mohenjo-daro and harrapa and use less trees? Do they still use Rajahs? or is there like a president? and is the Mahabharata still there? What does it represent or do? Do they use bibles now instead? thanks! Ill continue to look on google!

  34. […] in Mesopotamia, the Indus valley civilisation and ancient Egypt were the very first civilisations to develop their very own scripts, and also to […]

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