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Five Quick Quizzes to Check if You Know Mario Miranda- One of Greatest Cartoonist of Our Time

The body of Mario Miranda is no more , but his great work will always be there . Mario Miranda , a cartoonist par excellence and contemporary of R.K. Laxman  is a native of Goa, but he spent time working in Mumbai and capturing city’s spirit. He sketch of cartoons had a comedy brush of depicting people very closely with traffic,shops, and stray dogs, Policeman with protruding tummy and chicken legs, crying babies, pickpocket – the whole Mumbai on a page for you. Then there was a buxom secretary Miss Fonseca, office clerk Godbole (Marathi Manoos) who was bullied by his boss, and a film actress Rajni Nimbupani. They all shared the potholed roads – just like the Mumbai we know.

Here is a Five Questions on Life of Great Mario Miranda

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