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FDI Policy in India – Quiz to Test Yourself !


What is FDI ?
Foreign Direct Investment a.k.a FDI means investment by the non-resident entity / person resident outside India in the capital of the Indian Company.

What does Foreign Institutional Investor mean?
Foreign Institutional Investor means an entity established or incorporated outside India which proposes to make investment in India and which is registered as FII in accordance with the SEBI (FII) Regulations, 1995

What does investment on repatriable basis means?
Investment on repatriable basis means the investment, the sale proceeds of which (net of taxes) are eligible to be repatriated out of India. Similarly, when the sale proceeds are not eligible to be repatriated out of India it is called investment on non-repatriable basis.

These are certain basic terms related to the FDI Policy. You can take the quiz to examine your knowledge on the matters related to FDI Policy in India

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