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Fast 10 Ten Questions on Buddhism & Jainism


JainismBuddhism and Jainism are contemprary religions.The founder of Jainism, Lord Mahavira was a contemporary of Lord Buddha.  While Buddhism evolved in the eastern part of India in 563 BCE , Jainism ,more or less at the same time (in & around 550 BCE)  with almost similar thoughts, was developing in the same part of India. This was because of the fact that both the religions almost believed in the same facts and philosophy of life.

Quick Test on Buddhism & Jainism -10 Questions

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    1. Michael G says

      Can someone please give me a brief history of Buddhism in Japan (just enough to show how Buddhism came to be the religion for funerals)?
      Also, what is the significance of the funeral rituals?

    2. Sierra Davis says

      How did Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam interact with, provide justification for, and conflict with various states and empires in Afro-Eurasia?

    3. Makaylah Downour says

      I just want to know the exact number of how many types or forms of suffering that the religion of Jainism believes in?

    4. I, Architect says

      I believe that by 2050, we will see Jainism on the rise. This religion has been little known up until now, but it is very popular in some parts of the world. Mainly, these parts of the world are in the Middle East. The Middle East itself is a rising star in the world, and therefore, it makes sense that Jainism will be a rising star as well. My fellow brothers and sisters, who are Christians, will know what the Bible says about the morning star!

    5. Ashley Burgess says

      I would like to know about original Buddhism and as well what the various Buddhist schools believe.

    6. dgeh says

      I just had a conversation with my wife and she always brings up a billions things from the past. Our marriage has not been great. But the past couple of months I’ve done an awesome job! Yet all she wants to tell me is: No, I won’t forgive you as you did this and that. And didn’t do this and that.
      She’s counseling with a Buddhist nun but not actually studying or practicing Buddhism.

    7. Joe Boyle says

      In Jainism my teacher said that they dont travel (plane, boats) just in case they hurt any bugs/animals. How do they travel internationally then? I have been searching everywhere but cant find it. He said no planes, boats, or walking cause you cant just swim the ocean either. If they travel internationally for things such as group gatherings.

    8. Pan Macmillan Aus says

      Does anyone know any good sites for buddhism and how it started?

    9. Adam L says

      A. They have completely different ideals.
      B. Jains do not believe in a higher power, while Hindus do.
      C. Jainism places less emphasis on rituals.
      D. Jainism developed in China, while Hinduism developed in India.

    10. BRUTE says

      Buddhism is much more than a religion. It is a philosophy of Life, because philosphy means
      “love of wisdom” and the Buddhist path can be summed up as follows:
      1 – to lead a moral and ethically sound life.
      2 – to be mindful & aware of one’s thoughts,
      words, and actions.
      3 – to develop Wisdom and Understanding.

      But how can Buddhism help me ?
      Buddhism explains our real purpose in life.
      It explains apparent injustice and inequality around the world. It Provides a code of practice which brings Peace and Happiness.
      Buddhism has the answers to the problems in modern materialistic societies. It includes a Deep Understanding of the human mind, which prominent Scientists, and Psychologists around the world are now discovering to be very advanced and effective!! Buddhism teaches not to believe everything we’re told but to develop wisdom,which requires an open, objective, unbigoted mind. We can understand others when we can truly understand ourselves through Wisdom.

    11. robert_09 says

      At their time or origin, how did these heterodox traditions challenge the existing Hindu society?

    12. Kali Martin says

      Hi guys. So today our teacher told us to do a little Venn Diagram thing about differences and similarities between religions. We didn’t get to choose which ones we had to do, and the ones that I were assigned were Jainism and Baha’i, two religions that I know nothing about and have never heard of.
      Can someone help me out? I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks.

    13. Leah Messer Simms says

      if you could help out on my essay, thtd be great! here it is, thnx:

      discuss the rise of jainism and buddhism in classical india. how were these religious movements a response to social conditions in classical india? explain the beleifs behind jainism and buddhism. what was the appeal of these systems? which was more successfull and why? how did Ashoka use buddhism to unite mauryn india?

      thnks guys!

    14. Camryn Abel says

      according to buddhism which wore the ways that we could reincarnate?

    15. NorCalVRG says

      i think i have a misconception about buddhism
      can you be buddhist without being a monk? correct me if i am wrong but buddhism is about letting go of all belongings/attachments/wants

    16. 1JadedLover says

      Many Christans tell me that Buddhism is evil, but I don’t understand how the most tolerant and peaceful religion in the world can be evil. If you look at the history of Buddhism, it’s very hard to link it to any wars. Buddhism never damned anybody for having different beliefs. Buddhism believe that you should analyze all belief systems and whatever you believe, it doesn’t matter just as long you’re a good person. How is that evil?

    17. a Nathy p says

      what are Buddhists’ view on creation?

      i couldn’t reaaly find anything helpful on google so can anyone help me? thanks very much 😀

    18. Random dude says

      I am learning all about the different religions in school and I know a polytheistic religion believes in more then one god. Now to my understanding, Buddhism doesn’t believe in any gods or godly figures. So why is this religion called polytheistic? Please answer this question if you have any idea, or let me know of a website that has the answer. Thank you!

    19. silencetheevil8 says

      1) Briefly describe the essential ideas that make up the doctrine of Jainism?
      2) How is Jainism similar to Hinduism?

    20. Irene Tackett says

      can someone please tell me how and when jainism entered china?

    21. cristy says

      Like I’ve noticed that in Buddhist history the religion has had a way of spreading to an area, absorbing the practices and beliefs already native to the area, and syncretizing them into itself. This has happened with Buddhism and Bon, Buddhism and Hinduism, Buddhism and Chinese folk religion, Buddhism and Shinto, and is now happening with Buddhism and Christianity to a rather large scale. A large number of Christians also practice Buddhism.

    22. EpicRawr says

      Like everyone else, I’m a fanatic Stevenist (All Glory due in advance) but that doesn’t mean i’ll ever stop learning.

      So what is Jainism and where did it come from?

    23. whiteDEVIL says

      what happens if they kill bacteria or other creatures they can’t see….i mean, they aren’t supposed to kill stuff right?

    24. barba uonderias says

      How do the sacred writing of jainism (Kulpa Sutra) relate to human experience ?

    25. brodie says

      The aim of life in Buddhism is to achieve nirvana and the aim of life in Hinduism is to achieve moksha…Both essentially the same thing: liberation from the cycle of birth and death…..

      According to the teachings of these religions how does one actually accomplish this?

    26. Steph Owens says

      Although even after much publicity, what do you think why the Jainism is still unsuccessful religion in India in comparision to other and also that many of its principles are unknown to world even?

    27. B E L I E B E R says

      I don’t see Buddhist knocking door to door preaching or attempting to convert. I don’t see it in history that Buddhism had forced people to convert through wars and torture. Is it still a religion where people just convert themselves into?

    28. Matthew Prickett says

      I am not looking for the differences but just how both Jainism and Sikhism have some common qualities with Hinduism and how they connect to Hinduism.

    29. pete l says

      I have fallen in love with jainism and i have boon looking for an answer as to whether or not I can convert to Jainism. All the answers I get are vague and I get no evidence to back it up. Now, yes I am ready to accept the vigours of the religion. I have been searching for three years for a religions and I love Jainism. So can I convert to jainism?

    30. Ashley marquez says

      Siddhartha’s encounters with an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and a wandering holy man, which
      prompted him to leave his luxurious and carefree life, are called the _______
      a. temptations
      b. Four Passing Sights
      c. Enlightenment
      d. Awakening

      2. After Siddhartha spent and entire night meditating under a full moon, he finally achieved insight
      into release from suffering and rebirth. Buddhists believe that he reached a profound
      understanding, called his _______
      a. Dharma
      b. stupa
      c. asceticism
      d. enlightenment

      3. At the core of what is generally regarded as basic _______are the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.
      a. suffering
      b. Enlightenment
      c. Buddhism
      d. existence

    31. Kolby Kirk says

      I think Buddhism, from its inception, was about finding one’s own path to enlightenment. Is it different in Hinduism?

    32. J Angin says

      How is Jainism different from Hinduism and Buddhism? How is Jainism similar to Hinduism and Buddhism?

      please be as specific as possible.

    33. Nissi Padilla says

      Buddha was trying to correct or reform what he disagreed with in Jainism and Hinduism. How does Buddhism view religion, truth, and the world differently from Jainism and Hinduism?

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