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Equal Remuneration Act – Quiz to Test Your Knowledge

Equal Remuneration Act

In today’s globalised liberalised scenario, women form an integral part of the Indian workforce. In such an environment, the quality of women’s employment is very important and depends upon several factors. The foremost
being equals access to education and other opportunities for skill development. This requires empowerment of women as well as creation of awareness among them about their legal rights and duties.

In order to ensure this, the Government of India has taken several steps for creating a congenial work environment for women workers. A number of protective provisions have been incorporated in the various Labour Laws. To give effect to the Constitutional provisions and also ensure the enforcement of ILO Convention the Equal
Remuneration Act was enacted by the Parliament.

The implementation of the Equal Remuneration Act is done at two levels. In Central Sphere the Act is being implemented by the Central Government and in State Sphere, the implementation rests with the State Governments.

Here find an interesting ten questions quiz on Equal Remuneration Act.

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