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English Grammar – Read , Watch Video & Take Test

English grammarAnyone desirous of learning English language must know how the sentence is constructed and the use of noun,subjects, object , verb and agreement among them. This is possible only when one learns the English Grammar rules by heart. has tried to bring before the readers , best of video lectures on each topic of English grammar and then one can test his knowledge.

Topics for English Grammar

Present Simple “to be” – Subject Pronouns
Present Simple “to be”: Negatives and Questions
Present Simple
Present Simple: Negatives and Questions
Prepositions of Place
Prepositions of Time
Question Words
Object Pronouns
There is / There are
Countable / Uncountable Nouns
Plural Nouns
Demonstratives – this / that / these / those
Quantifiers: Some / Any
Quantifiers: Much / Many / A Lot of
Quantifiers: A Few / A Little
Modal Verbs – Can / Can’t
Have / Have got
Present Continuous
Adverbs of Frequency
Comparatives / Superlatives
Past Simple – Verb “to be”
Past Simple
Past Continuous
Future – Will / Shall
Future – Going to
Future – Present Simple / Present Continuous
Adjectives and Adverbs
Adjectives: -ed/-ing forms
Adjective Order
Comparatives – as…as
Comparatives – Quantity
Gerunds and Infinitives – Verb + Gerund / Verb + Infinitive
Gerunds and Infinitives – Verb + Gerund or Infinitive 1
Gerunds and Infinitives – Verb + Gerund or Infinitive 2
Conditionals – Zero
Conditionals – One
Indefinite Pronouns
Modal Verbs – Must / Have to
Modal Verbs – Should / Ought to
Modal Verbs – Would 1
Modal Verbs – Would 2
Preposition and Conjunctions of Time – for / during / while / when
Preposition and Conjunctions of Time – by / from / until
Preposition and Conjunctions of Time 2- before / after / as / as soon as
Adverbs of Degree – enough / too / very
Present Perfect 1 – Form and Usage
Present Perfect 2 – Have you ever…? / ever / never
Present Perfect 3 – for / since
Present Perfect 4 – Past Simple or Present Perfect?
Adverbs of Time – already / just / yet / still / ago / anymore
Determiners: each / every
Questions Tags
Passive Voice
Reported Speech 1
Used to
Get / Be used to
Preposition and Conjunctions – like / as
Adverbs – Comparative
Relative Clauses 1
Indirect Questions
Past Perfect
Future Continuous
Future Perfec