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Earth Day Facts- Learn by Assessment

Here are some Earth Day facts for increasing your knowledge on Earth Day. Planet Earth is the only planet that can accommodate life and is the densest planet in the Solar system. It is home to more than 14 million species including humans. The vast biodiversity in the planet is what makes the planet unique in its own sense. However, since the past century, there has been extreme amount of exploitation on the planet by humans. Humans have been exploiting its rich and abundant resources for fulfilling their own selfish needs. If this continues, very soon, the Earth all the resources will be exhausted and soon life would disappear Hence, in a bid to increase awareness about the rich and vast biodiversity Earth Day was organized. As time progressed, many organizations started observing ‘Earth Week’ with various activities and presentations explaining the unique biodiversity of Earth and ill-effects of its exploitation.

An Earth Day Quiz

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