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Compounding of Offences under Companies Act – Part 2 Quiz !

Compounding of Offences under Companies Act

The Companies Act 2013 provides effective penalty mechanism, considering the gravity of offence, time bound actions, speedy trials etc., Some innovative measures such as establishment of special courts for speedy trials, punishment for fraud, enhanced penalties etc. Besides, the penalty mechanism provided under 1956 act has been strengthened with respect to appointment of company prosecutors, compounding of offences etc. The act states that notwithstanding anything in the Code of Criminal  Procedure, 1973, every offence under this Act except the offences referred to in sub-section (6) of section 212 shall be deemed to be non-cognizable within the meaning of the said Code. Section 212 deals with investigation into the affairs of the company by Serious Fraud Investigation Office.

Here is an interesting quiz on the compounding of offences under the Companies Act.

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