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Commercialization of Intellectual Property – Part 1!

Commercialization of Intellectual Property

Competition and intellectual property law are closely linked, as intellectual property law rewards innovation by granting exclusive rights, the competition law ensures that companies do not restrict freedom to compete or exploit market power with anti-competitive consequences. The laws dealing with restrictive trade practices in India are contained under the Patents Act and the Competition Act. The value of a trade secret lies in its secrecy. If a company cannot ensure protection of its trade secrets in a foreign country, it will not do business in that country. Every company should therefore, take some important measures to protect its trade secrets.

Intellectual property protection is one of the central public policy considerations of knowledge based industries and global markets. Rapid changes in key technological, economic and social drivers underscore the importance of intellectual property as it provides an increasingly critical legal and policy instrument for encouraging innovation, stimulating investments needed to develop and market new innovations, and diffusing technology and other knowledge in economically and socially beneficial ways.

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